Tricks to Get Your Bedroom Closet Design Look Bigger

Bedroom closet design – It’s hard to sleep well in a bedroom that is messy and full of things. And the fact is that at the bedroom is a big challenge when it comes to good storage. Here we share our top tips for creating a dream closet in your bedroom. Because very few people have a real master bedroom. But with small simple tricks can also be your small bedroom to get the feeling of being much greater.

Wallpapering One Wall in Your Bedroom

Want a wallpapered feature wall in your small bedroom is the best location for the room to see roomier out, behind the bed. Keep your clothes as you use them. When you organize your bedroom closet design, try to hang and place your clothes as you wear them on your body. It will seem practical and natural to look for the right outfit so. Hats and bags on shelves at the top, shoes at the bottom, the shoe racks or shoe rack. In between, store tops, shirts, blouses, shirts and pants on the clothes rails, shelves and slopes. Accessories, store preferably in smart small console trays or Hooks, which allows you to use the entire wardrobe area fully.

Shallow shelves for clothes storage

There is no reason to have a whole bed frame in a small bedroom closet design. But choose a gracefully broken, and not compact. Deep shelves tend to quickly become messy and it’s easy to clothes end up in a crumpled high at the back on the shelf, where they are not found until they are no longer modern. With shallower shelves, relatively closely spaced, it is easier to stay organized, find and get an overview of what you have in the closet. For tops, it is enough shelves are 30 cm deep and a little more bulky garments, we have both 40 cm and 50 cm deep shelves.

An own place for pants

Bedroom closet design save space with the practical pullout trouser, which is equally suitable for skirts. Trouser have plastic clips that prevent clothes from slipping off. In a 45 cm wide trouser hangers and make room for at least six pairs of pants and / or skirts and they are airy, so they do not have time to curl up even before you put them on you. Byxhängarna available in three sizes and you assemble them quickly and easily into two click in brackets 40th.