The Best Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom ideas are sometimes the only room in the home that provides privacy, so make it a place that has some features. Whether your bathroom is large or small, there are ways to improve the appearance and make the room impressive. The best bathroom ideas combine function while adding beauty or practicality.

Heated Tile Floor

Tile floors are not comfortable for bare feet when it’s cold. Small area rugs are fine, but the carpet covering the tiles that you might want to show off. Space heaters will take the chill out of the air, but will not heat the floor tiles, and space heaters take up valuable space. In a bathroom with existing tiles, plates must be removed in order to establish this type of heating. Consider adding heated floors during a remodel or a new bathroom ideas added. Before laying tiles, spread the heat mat on the floor as instructed. You may need an electrician if you are not comfortable with wires. The system is inexpensive to operate at about 12 watts per square meter; it is comparable with the help of an electric blanket. A heated bathroom floor could possibly be a good selling point in the future.

Depending on the style you choose for the bathroom ideas, the garden or the claw-foot tub stylish in most any surrounding. Claw-foot bathtubs have different patterns for the feet, colors and shapes. A claw-foot tub with elegant fittings on one end and a high curved back to rest on the opposite end beckons you to escape into relaxing and inviting swimming. Arrange a curtain hung from the ceiling to enclose the tub for privacy.

Garden tubs are surrounded by a tiled ledge wide enough to fill with plants, bath oils or bath foam and fluffy folded towels. Set the tub in front of a large window or between three walls and hang a large framed picture on the largest wall. Go all out with an armoire and plush chair. Keep the doors intact or remove them to show neatly stacked towels and a trifle or framed picture. Hold a thick terry robe draped over his chair and slippers neatly placed nearby. Add a small table for flowers, books or magazine. Furniture in bathroom ideas is an unexpected surprise.

A large window in the bathroom is welcomed to light and is a decorator’s delight. List shades provide privacy when needed and still allow light to come in from the top of the window. Sheer curtains also easy to get in and use the tie-back give you another option for privacy. Take advantage of the sunlight with plants on the ledge or hanging from the ceiling.