Preparing Baby Bedroom Sets Ideas

Baby Bedroom Sets – When a baby comes to the family we have to provide a cozy and pleasant space that provides security and comfort. The room of the house that is destined to the baby’s room must fulfill certain premises to satisfy his needs, both during the first months of life and later. The baby bedroom should receive natural light, good ventilation and be as quiet as possible. It is also very important that the baby bedroom sets are as close as possible to that of the parents. The decorating the walls of the room is the first thing to decide and basic on that plan the rest of the room.

First, you have to decide the color. For the first years are preferably the neutral colors that transmit serenity like beige, light green or if we already know the gender we can opt for the traditional pink and blue but in soft tones. Then, the type of painting is very important. Water-based paints, non-toxic and washable, are preferable, even better if it is an ecological painting free of heavy metals. When the child is a little older we can opt for a type of playful painting such as painting magnet or painting slate. Or we can stick on the walls decorative vinyl that brings an original touch to the baby bedroom sets and also entertains.

If the baby bedroom sets are not too large, just a zenith and an indirect light. Make the most of the natural light that enters through the windows, so the curtains should be translucent and light in light tones. As for the electrical installation, care must be taking to ensure that there is no cable within reach of the child and that they are always fixing to the wall. The carpets best discard them as they accumulate mites and in the case of putting carpets choose those that are washable. It is also important that it be a durable and durable material to withstand the hassles of children. A good choice, besides decorative, is the linoleum floor.

When choosing the furniture to choose the solid woods with natural finishes, avoid the agglomerates and the varnishes. As for textiles, both bedding and curtains and carpets should be made of natural fibers such as cotton to avoid allergies. The wise choice of furniture is key. We should not recharge the baby bedroom sets believing that this will look complete and beautiful. Let us remember that less is more. During the first year, a cradle (the star furniture), a chest of drawers or changing table and if you have room, perhaps a wardrobe is enough.