Let’s Decorate Girls Bedroom Canopy

Bedroom canopy – Add an extra element of design for your little girl’s canopy bed by changing the bedposts or use her favorite theme to decorate the bed even more. Most poster beds have a princess-like effect in any room. But adds a few extra decor pieces can really make these beds stand out. Choose decor pieces that blend well with the overall theme of the room. The first choices are silk roses. Adorn four posts in your little girl’s canopy bed with hanging silk roses. Look for roses that match the colors and furnishings in her room. Pink and yellow go well with purple and pink or some other combination. Use decorative ribbon that matches the colors of the room to tie the roses hanging upside down on each post by bedroom canopy.

You can also use tape to attach a few silk rose heads along the top of her headboard and other areas of the bed. Second choices is stuffed critters and decor. Let the traditional sheer crown cover and connect the twine string to each page of the bedposts. Use ribbon to hang stuffed animals, necklaces and other types of decoration on the string. You can also attach cards with clothes pins. Choose soft toys and other decor that blends well with the theme of your daughter’s room. You might want to hang pony toys and tapes only in a pony-themed room, especially if she has some stuffed animals.

While for bedding bedroom canopy, almost any type of bedding or comforter can go well with a canopy bed. As long as the colors match the sheer canopy mesh or cloth hanging from the upper part of the bearing. You can use darker shades of purple linen with pastel purple sheer mesh. And adorn the bed with pink and purple square and heart-shaped pillows. Use a sheer bed skirt that looks almost identical to the mask or cloth hanging from the canopy to tie it all together.

Align the big fabric at your daughter bedroom canopy by gluing on glitter accent beads. Take the whole canopy off and decorate fake pink, blue, purple. Or also cream-colored pearls by spraying glue on each, then sprinkle glitter on top. When glitter is dry, use a hot glue gun to glue the beads over the top and sides of sheer canopy curtain. Let the glue for the first batch of beads to dry, and then turn the large canopy over. Glue on more beads on the other side of sheer curtain adorned with beads, so that each bead match. Creating a cascade of beads from all angles.