Great Ideas Asian Bedroom Decor

Asian bedroom decor – Decorating a bedroom with an Asian-inspired theme offers a quiet place to lay your head. The slim elements of modern Asian decor coupled with the comfort of traditionally styled Asian accessories can transform an ordinary bedroom into a haven of peace and relaxation. To de-clutter your bedroom by decorating it with simple pieces that marries modernism and Asian culture together. Also you choose pieces that offer a minimalist style and give the Zen you want in this room. Then, choose an Asian-inspired color palette. Deep brown and black, cherry red and polished gold hues to bring the Asian theme. Combining one or two of these colors with a pale pink, white or green hue for contrast. Choose a main color in neutral and consider using a bold color as an accent.

Then, decide on the furniture Asian bedroom decor. Find a bedroom set made of lacquered rosewood or choose glossy black pieces with a modern design. Furniture should be streamlined and angular; simple geometric shapes to make a room feel open and clean. Remove clutter. Putting trinkets elsewhere Asian decor is all about simplicity and minimalism. Instead, choose a few accessories that reflect on the Asian culture. A small sculpture of a Chinese dragon, a bonsai tree or bamboo plant can bring Japanese and Chinese style.

The up your Asian bedroom decor. A lamp with a ceramic base, adapted to a thriving floral pattern or a Chinese paper lantern wall lamp can infuse soft lighting the entire room. Avoid harsh fluorescent and allow as much natural light as possible in your bedroom. Another option you can place the Asian bamboo fans around your home. They are usually made of paper, cardboard or silk. On them you can find Asian-inspired patterns, Asian lettering, flowers, dragons and other topics, Asian style. Placing small hand fans, who may or may not open up as you want flowers inside the glass. Also hang large as you would a painting. Try to hang a big one on a wall above a bed frame, but make sure it’s safe, you do not want it to fall on your head.

Enliven your bedroom with beautiful fabrics. Smooth satin, nubby silk and gossamer sheers can all play a role in creating an Asian bedroom decor. Finding plain colored fabrics to match your color palette to be used for bed coverings, cushions and curtain fittings. And also contrast dark furniture with pale shades of fabric for bedspreads. Then, pick out a bold signature color as a bright red, to use as an accent throw pillows or blankets. Also decorate your walls with Asian-inspired paintings, prints or images your bedroom. You can find beautiful watercolor paintings of birds, flowers, animals, dragons and other Asian-style themes. Chinese brush paintings, calligraphy or wall fans can add the finishing touch to your bedroom. Picking an item or two that contains your signature color to unify the decor.