Antique Bedroom Furniture with Touch of Modernity

Antique bedroom furniture – In here we’ll show you how to decorate a bedroom with antique furniture giving it a touch of modernity. When we find old furniture. But state of this type of furniture is good and design, interesting from aesthetic point of view. One solution is to recycle them by means of painting. In this way, we can integrate them into most current decorations. This time, we will teach you some techniques to make most of this type of furniture. Turning them into unique pieces with a very personal touch. Reupholster, enameling or create a set of contrasting colors are some of tips for a room look different and renewed.

First, transform a room with period antique bedroom furniture restoring these old pieces by means of painting. We will give a touch of color to walls, we will upholster a headboard. And we will paint different colors of wardrobe, tables, armchair and lamp. In this way, we will create a contrast of colors between furniture that will make this room look different and renewed. Begin emptying room, we will dismantle head and foot of bed and we will sand both so that enamel is well fixed. We will always sand direction of grain of wood. We will follow same technique of sanding with cabinet doors.

Then, we will renew an old chandelier. We will transform this piece by means of white paint in an element more in keeping with current decoration. For this purpose we will use a paint gun. And then we will protect face with a mask and glasses. Decorate with plastic paint of cream colored walls and with acrylic enamel of different colors antique bedroom furniture. Magenta for wardrobe, white for bedside tables and green for armchair, headboard and foot of bed. Once dry paint headboard, padded and upholstered proceed to it. We will create a paper template with shape to be upholstered. To do this, we mark with fingers interior silhouette of

Trim paper by giving silhouette a definite shape and then transfer template drawing to an okume plywood board with a pencil. We will cut board with a jigsaw. Once we have piece of plywood we will provide a quilting and upholstery. For quilting we will use a piece of flock, which we will place between fabric chosen for upholstery and okume wood. We will begin by tightening fabric and placing a staple in middle of each side and continue stapling from middle to corners maintaining shape of plywood. Provide finishing touch to decor with bedding. Stitched designs for quilt and edge-trimming and ruffles for cushions bring a refined and delicate feel to whole of antique bedroom furniture.