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Neha Singh – Founder

Neha Singh - ShutterMonks Team Neha started her professional life as a Software Engineer, moving on to business school to study Brand Management. She acquired her first DSLR while number-crunching at HP. It did not take long for the hobbyist to evolve into a serious amateur photographer, spending more time with her camera than spreadsheets. Early 2011, she quit being a marketing analyst  to pursue photography and travel. These days Neha juggles her time between freelance photography and ShutterMonks.

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Sue Ranscht – Editor & Critic

Sue learned the basics of photography with a Brownie box camera at age 5. Her dad taught her photographic techniques and appreciation for the genius of Ansel Adams when she progressed to 35mm film and dark room work. Her love of beautiful and interesting images led her to fine arts training, where she developed an eye for composition, color, line, shape, texture, and the juxtaposition of light and shadow. Her passion for well-told stories and well-constructed sentences led her to deeper analytical thinking, copy editing, creative writing, and theater, where she honed her ability to see a story with both its text and subtext, its symbolism, pace, peak, and possibilities. Sue holds a BA in Dramatic Arts with a minor in English Literature.


Michael Elenko – Critic

Michael considers photography to be his second language. He has been exhibiting fine art   photographs in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. His images are held in private, civic, and corporate collections. Currently, Michael covers corporate events, shoots youth sports, and provides digital restoration services.

Michael enjoys sharing information and conducts workshops about color management, sharpening techniques, and Lightroom. His website is